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Hello!  I am Erin, a 36-year-old who loves dogs, shopping, parties and Pinterest. I am married to my soulmate, Jason. We have 2 fur babies, Bear (a black lab) & Butters (a yellow lab) and live in Central New Jersey near the Jersey Shore.

I worked in Finance for over 12 years.  I left a good job to try something new that didn’t work out but found a job I liked as a District Manager helping people start their own businesses shortly after. For 4 years I saw amazing things.  People were taking control of their lives and incomes.  I got laid off from that job in April of 2012 and with my severance, I wasn’t too worried about finding a job. I applied to some jobs but basically took the summer off to get projects done around the house (read: major decluttering!). Once August rolled around, I starting applying to more positions, confident that I would have a job by Christmas.  Surprise! That did not happen.  Thank God for Ebay – I sold a lot of my stuff from my “projects” and that is pretty much how I funded our Christmas presents. So, now it is April of 2013 – still no job.  I did get one call last month for a pre-interview but no dice. It doesn’t make sense to worry about it since it will all fall into place.  And so, I keep applying. That is where Sweet Erindipity comes in. Continue reading »