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medium_596428502Have you ever had a dream that startles you awake?  Or where you find yourself waking up screaming or yelling?  Yep, me too.  Oddly, it’s happened quite a bit in the last few weeks.

It all started about a month ago.  The first dream was very simple.  I was in bed in my current bedroom. The room was dark and I was sleeping.  Somehow I woke up and something black with no shape was coming at me from the doorway.  Not a person but a mist.  I woke up screaming.

The next dream was the same setting as the first.  I am asleep in my current bedroom. Dark room. I open my eyes and there are two men standing at my bedside. I woke up screaming.

The most recent, being Wednesday evening, I am asleep in my same dark bedroom.  I open my eyes and there is a person at the foot of my bed.  I woke up yelling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”.

In the second two dreams, I wake up before the men’s faces register, but I know they are men.  I am not sure if I am scared or just surprised to “wake up” in my dream and see something that is not supposed to be there.  I didn’t really get the feeling they were there to hurt me. It was more like they shouldn’t be there, in my bedroom in the middle of the night.

I am not really stressed about anything. I generally have an attitude that everything happens for a reason.  What reason is there to have these dreams? Is someone trying to tell me something?  My family had the house we own built, so we are the only family that has lived here. House is not haunted by former owners.

I hope that these dreams are over. I know I keep scaring my husband to death by screaming…lol.  I am always able to go back to sleep. Sometimes it just takes a little while. Maybe writing about it will get it out of my head so it stops.

Have you ever had a recurring dream?

Erin ♥


photo credit: marimoon via photopin cc