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Virtual Management / Social Media Assistance

Emerald Support Services

Emerald Support Services is a virtual support business here to help you make time for your business and family by taking over the administrative and social media tasks that are overshadowing your free time. We work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy executives to help them organize and execute their day-to-day operations. We can act as a Business Manager, helping you develop your business and ensure operations are running smoothly. We can help to organize your life so that you can work on building your business. You will work with the same person every time. We build rapport and establish a good relationship. Best of all, we don’t need to be retrained every time you need something done. We are here to help you succeed on every level.

Why Choose Emerald? 
• No need to purchase extra equipment, furniture, or office space
• No need to pay benefits or insurance
• You pay for what you need, when you need it
• You can work beyond traditional work hours
• You can focus your energies on the income-generating activities that you enjoy most
• You have a committed long-term partner willing to help your business grow

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