Bath Bridal Shower Basket!

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My mom asked me to help her find a gift for a bridal shower she was going to.  She loves the idea of baskets, but doesn’t really put them together herself.  So she asked me to help her figure out what to get, then make it pretty.

We chose some great items from the registry –  bath towels, a basket, a bath rug, lotion/soap dispenser, and wash cloths.

We wanted to liven up the basket a bit though since it was a lot of the same colors.  So we found the Glade candles and a cute sign to add. I had a small ornament from my Bath and Body Works days in my craft bin and added that as a small touch.

Bath Basket ~

Then I added the finishing touches by wrapping it in tulle and topping it off with sparkly ribbon.  What do you think?

Bath Basket ~



A Tisket, A Tasket, A Little Baby Basket

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Who doesn’t love baby stuff?  Baby gifts are probably my favorite type of gift to put together.  There is so much cute stuff out there!  This is a basket I put together for a friend.

Baby Basket ~

I decided I was going to get some of the car-related items off of the registry and do a basket.  But when I was finished with it, it just felt undone.  Then I started to look at the items I got and I had an idea – a poem will bring it all together!  So I came up with this –

While taking a trip or riding around,

These items will keep baby safe and sound.

A Bundle Me to snuggle them warm like a bun,

A Sun Shade to protect their sin from the sun.

A Baby View Mirror for watching them ride,

And Baby Rattle Keys to keep them occupied.


Car Baby Item Poem ~

I wrapped the basket in tulle and attached the poem on to it with ribbons.

This shower also asked attendees to bring a book for baby.  I decided to attach a poem to it as well – this one by Dr. Seuss:

“The more that you read,

The more things you will know.

The more that you learn,

The more places you will go”

Book Poem ~

I think it came out really cute.  What is your favorite thing to bring to a baby shower?

Erin ♥

Baby Shower Water Bottles!

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With Spring here, I was organizing my gift wrap area the other day.  I was surprised to come across these…

Baby Shower :Labels

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Bath Seat Basket

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Here is a baby shower gift I put together for my friends Mike & Monique, the same people who got the Duck Towel Cake.  I had decided on a bath time theme with this bath seat being the “basket”.

The First Years Sit and Store Parent Bathing Seat and Stepstool

The First Years Sit and Store Parent Bathing Seat and Stepstool

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Isn’t It Ducky?

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I love parties. Any party. Direct sales parties, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversaries – all of them. I have never met a party I didn’t like. And I love to get creative with my gifts. So I thought the best way to start this journey was to post about some gifts I have done for people. This post is for the towel cake I did for my friends Mike & Monique. I wanted to do something different for their bridal shower and this took the cake! It was definitely the hit of the shower, and are elegant AND useful. Here it is…

Ducky Towel Cake

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